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How to get around in Las Terrenas

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

All about moto concho's, ATV rentals, Car rentals and traffic rules.

Moto taxi  concho ride in Las Terrenas
Moto Taxi Ride in Las Terrenas

Although everything in Las Terrenas is very walkable, when not having a vehicle it can become a bit difficult and far to walk to that ‘special’ kind of beach or doing some groceries.

A moto concho can be recognized with his yellow safety vest.
A moto concho can be recognized with his yellow safety vest.

The moto concho

In the days ,when I first visited the area, I was surprised by the amount of small motorcycles that were driving around in town and drivers always honking their horn to draw my attention.

I Was like “Ok , guys what’s up, never saw a blonde?!” Little did I know, they were just asking in their way if I needed a ride. 😂

Moto concho’s ( Moto taxis) are the most common transport in the town of Las Terrenas. You basically just hop on the back of a motor cycle and the driver brings you to the place you want to go. The price varies between RD$50 (US$1) and 200RD$ (US$4), depending on the distance and time , when it’s dark prices go up. It’s very safe to hop on a ‘Moto Concho’ , even my parents who are in their sixties, take with ease a ride on a motor taxi.

ATV & Scooter rental

I understand not everybody is keen for a ride on a motor taxi, especially traveling with kids or the grand parents.

My favorite vehicle is an ATV ( Quad) . It’s stable to drive and good for any road condition in Las Terrenas - Samaná. It is easy to park (there are not many parking options for cars), can transport two adults and one child and it is convenient to do groceries with.

And of course, it’s kinda of a cool vehicle, to explore the wider area in Las Terrenas. There are many ATV rental opportunities in town and prices vary between US$35 and US$45 /day , discounts are giving for a longer rental period.

A helmet is not mandatory for an ATV

Driving a bike in tropical Las Terrenas

If you wanna get something more simple and less expensive, I suggest a scooter or motorbike

Prices vary between US$15 - US$20/day . Everybody who is driving a scooter must wear a helmet.

Although almost nobody is doing it, In high season the police picks out the ‘non helmet’ drivers and gives them a ticket.Whether you rent a ATV or a scooter, keep in mind that traffic will be a bit more different than in your home country. There are only two traffic rules: keep on looking before you and use your arms to point out if you want to go right or left.

Las Terrenas has many high speed bumps , so don’t drive to fast.

The road to Las Terrenas - Samana toll way

Driving a car

When traveling with a bigger family a car might be more economic and easy when it rains.

Cars can be rent locally in Las Terrenas or at any airport.

The road from Santo Domingo Airport to Samana is in a very good condition. It is also a toll road , price one way will cost you +/-1300RDS ( US$25)

Many of our guests ask if it is safe to drive , because they heard ‘this and that and bla bla’ .

Yes, in fact it is ! During the daytime, and all depends on your way of driving, that means adjust your speed. On the toll road there is hardly any traffic and it is a nice scenery road.

I do not recommend driving during the night on the toll-way to Samaná, that is because there are no lights at all and especially driving through the National park which is nestled in the mountains it can become a bit tricky. Most accidents happen during nighttime with collisions with cows, horses or dogs. Driving a car during nighttime is no problem in Las Terrenas , you just have to find a good parking spot as they are very limited in town.

Last but not least ! Never speed ! Yes in the DR the police has handheld speed guns and they will give you a ticket.


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