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The 5 Best beaches in Las Terrenas (with photos and videos)

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Nice temperatures year round, white sandy beaches and crystal clear multi-colored waters only in Las Terrenas . Tested and approved !

5 Best Beaches of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

☞Top 5 beaches of Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

  1. Las Ballenas

  2. Coson

  3. Bonita

  4. Portillo

  5. Punta Popy


Crystal clear water, swaying palms, fine light golden colored sand and amazing sunsets.

Las Ballenas beach is by far the most know and nicest beach in the town of Las Terrenas.

It is the perfect beach if you like to paddle because there are hardly no waves and it is also very popular among the snorkelers. Many stylish beach bars along the stretch serve the best cocktails and offer a wide variety of lunch possibilities

☞ Pro’s:

  • - Calm waves, crystal clear waters, clean beach

  • - Easy accessible

  • - Plenty of beach bars.

  • - Lounge chairs, showers & toilets near the bars.

  • - Free Parking availability

☞ Con’s

  • - In high season can be crowded during the weekends

#2. COSON ❤︎

Coson beach is located 5km from the town of Las Terrenas , and has a length of 7km. Thus perfect for those who like to go running on the beach. Mostly residences with villas or ‘all-incusives’ are located on the beach. Fine sandy beach with crystal clear water and when you go early in the morning you will find lot’s of seashells. Sometimes with a lot of waves and sometimes no waves at all. Coson also hosts two famous ‘beach shack’ restaurants : ‘Luis’ and ‘Dos Rios’ where you can eat grilled lobster, red snapper or mahi-mahi .

☞ Pro’s:

  • - Clear waters, clean beach

  • - Remote beach

  • - Not crowded

  • - Free Parking availability

  • - Nice lush scenery

  • - Perfect for surfing

☞ Con’s

  • - No showers & toilets

  • - Only public entrance to the beach are at 'Luis' or 'Dos Rios'

#3. BONITA ❤︎

Waves waves waves, Playa Bonita is the surfers place to be. Nice waves, crystal clear water and always a fresh windy breeze. In the surf school on the beach you will find a wide range of courses. They also have excellent packages for beginners, so you can make your surfboard debut here! In addition, a surf camp and various surf trips are organized for the little ones. Perfect for families who like water activities. On Bonita you can also find some small bars, and the famous ‘Atlantis restaurant’ to get served by a Top French cook and taste exquisite French dishes.

☞ Pro’s:

  • - Clear waters, nice waves for water sports

  • - Easy accessible

  • - Not crowded

  • - Free Parking availability

  • - Perfect for surfing

  • - A few restaurants and bars along the beach road

☞ Con’s

  • - Narrow sand stretch for sunbathing.

  • - Some rocks in the water and sand.


Portillo beach is the beach if you like Kitesurf ! Between 1pm and 5pm the wind often comes up and you can see a nice ballet of kitesurfer. After 5pm the water is very calm and perfect for SUP.

Nice beach stretch with 1 restaurant and the famous Mosquito beach bar, were you can sip cocktails and watch awesome sunsets.

☞ Pro’s:

  • - Best Kitespot in Las Terrenas

  • - Easy accessible, clean beach

  • - Not crowded

  • - Free Parking along the road

  • - Very trendy Beach bar and Restaurants

  • - Best sunset viewing in Las Terrenas

☞ Con’s

  • - A bit far from the town


Clear, Aquamarine waters, small waves and sandy bottom, a beach very popular among the Dominicans and weekenders.The beach road offers lots of bars and Restaurants. It is a lively and entertaining beach with many European and Dominican establishments. The sand strip is very narrow (erosion) until you reach the end at the Punta (point) where you'll find much broader sands and fewer people.

☞ Pro’s:

  • - Very crystal clear blue water.

  • - Easy accessible

  • - Plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels.

  • - Showers near bars

  • - In town

☞ Con’s

  • - Narrow beach strip.

  • - Can be very crowded.


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