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The flavors of Las Terrenas.

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

What about supermarkets, buying fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, groceries and the price?

Fresh fish and lobster served at the beach
Fresh fish and lobster served at Luis restaurant

Groceries in Las Terrenas
Lindo Supermarket

Almost anything can be found in Las Terrenas. You will find a wide variety of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, a daily market with fresh caught fish, lobsters and shrimps.

In the two big supermarkets, centrally located in town, you will discover things you can’t even find in your home country! Like special French & Spanish wines, French cheeses, cold cuts and delicious ’charcuterie’. Las Terrenas hosts also many bakeries where you can buy croissants, pastries, baguettes and bread. For those with allergies like gluten, soy or lactose, no worries, the supermarkets also carry a nice selection with many choices.

Fresh fish market in Las Terrenas
Buying Fresh fish

Healthy food, that is produced in the Dominican Republic ,is relatively cheap. A whole chicken or a nice piece of meat will cost you less than a bag of lays chips.

All the imported stuff, is more or less the same price like in the US, and a bit more expensive then in Europe.

But if you gonna go healthy ! You won’t be paying much for fresh produce, chicken, meat or fish, rice and beans.

The same goes for Wine, Beer and Spirits.

Rum is local, a nice bottle of good tasting Rum will cost you +/- US$8 . Perfect mixer for a Cuba libra, Coco Loco, Pina Colada, Mojito or Caipirinha.The most popular beer in the Dominican Republic is Presidente. Bohemia beer, from the same brewery, is gaining a lot of popularity. Prices for a Jumbo bottle (1liter, 34Oz) are +/- US$3.

Also other beers, like Belgian beers, Corona and Budweiser are widely available in many in supermarkets or colmados

Wine and spirits are imported and have more or less the same price as in the US.

Good to know, all supermarkets and colmados in Las Terrenas-Samaná have a free delivery service.

Commado in Las Terrenas , convenience shop
A Colmado , a typical mini convenience store in Las Terrenas, where you can buy beer, wine, snacks, water, ice and plenty of other things.


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